Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Queensland Flood Appeal

I am offering buyers a 10% discount with this coupon code: QLDFLOODAPPEAL
So sign in to my etsy store here: howlindoggie and make a purchase. You will receive 10% discount and I will donate 15% of that sale to the Queensland Flood Appeal. Leave a comment with your favorite piece of mine & you may win a pair of earrings at the end of January. I will pick out a name randomly and announce the winner on my etsy shop.

Thank you In Advance.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Our Little Visitors

 This beautiful spider cam to visit last night as we had quite a bit of rain at about 3am. As I love spiders AND rain, I welcomed both. This spider is a typical Australian house spider called a huntsman. They are not dangerous, although can grow to be enormous.  This little spider is as big as my hand. A bit scary that big, but only the notion of it crawling on me. Otherwise I let them be in the house, especially in the summer months as they catch mosquitos and other little insects... I have to think of a name for both of them....
Any suggestions?

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