Saturday, 6 July 2013

Observations Of A Mad Jeweler On the Morning Train Ride to work.

Since January 9,  I have been catching the train (subway, for you americans, Metro for other parts of the world)at about 8am to work. One of the really obvious things that I noticed was that most people going to work will avoid eye contact. There's this eerie silence, as no one speaks... Don't dare even to answer the phone as you will get  the deathly stare if you speak.

Yesterday morning the train carriages were really old and rickety. It also smelt awful at first, then the smell was masked by a combitnation of everyone's perfume or aftershave. I'm not sure what's worse...
We were almost at Edgecliff Station, still in the tunnel. The train started to slow and eventually stopped.  No Airconditioning!! Plus it is Australia and the trains are not too clean, compared to Germany or Japan. Then we heard the conductor say: 'Ladies and Gentlemen'.... then there was a big crackle and we couldnt make out what he was saying...a few of us laughed; the man sitting in the corner diagonally opposite from me sort of blew out his breath and started to text (LOL we were in the tunnel underground where there is no reception...).. Other than that there was still that eerie silence...

I'm still not impressed by our trains. They have now introduced the "Opal" card. They were advertising it as being cheaper than a weekly....   What they had NOT said is that ONLY if you travel off peak...

So it's back to the weekly. 

The other thing which really awful is the inability to 'Connect To Your Device' in between stations whilst underground.  What happens if the train gets stuck in between stations?? How can you then CALL anyone to say that you will be late?

And for a city that is so International & Fabulous to live in, some things really need to be looked at... and made BETTER 

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