Saturday, 24 March 2007


Today my daughter had her first game of 'netball'. It looks very basketball-like but really isn't. It was a scorching 32C and not a cloud in the sky, although the forecast for the afternoon was for a southerly which brings a cool change.
Check out the difference within a couple of hours we had an almost tropical change.

I am really enjoying the rain as it was so muggy. At least there's a cool breeze now. Wow, I can't wait for winter! I love my coats and jackets and I happen to live in a hot country..
Guess the grass is always greener.....

1 comment:

veronica said...

Don't you worry - you'll be needing those scrumptious, fleecy overcoats before you know it. Netball season has only just begun and it won't be feeling very tropical in a few weeks when your ears and nose start feeling like a distant memory when the freezing cold wind blows through the netball fields!!! going great by the way.... xo :-) V.

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