Friday, 16 May 2008

'The Apprentice' & I went on a road trip

My daughter & i went on a road trip to our usual vacation place.... down the South Coast of New South Wales. Just a 4-5 hour drive south of Sydney via the coast road past Woolongong. The apprentice (my daughter) took these photos.

It was pouring with rain and we were stuck in traffic. It was going at snails pace for a while and our dog 'Dany', who loves to go on road trips, was getting a little "...are we there yet...???" only in dog-speak... (heh heh)

When we finally got moving in traffic, the skies cleared up just around Ulladulla. After that it was a breeze downto Bateman's Bay. We stay just a few minutes south of there at a beautiful little 'secret' beach, so i'm not telling where ... as it is so quiet and clean. We met the rest of the gang there. The house we stay in is rght across from the beach and sleeps 14!!! Well, this time we were only 10!

1 comment:

marsha said...

We've been experiencing torrential rain here in S'pore as well! Whassup with that? :)

Anyway glad to see you had a fab time at your secret location! Ooooh, how exciting!

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