Thursday, 22 January 2009

What am I working on at the Moment?

I am working on several things at the moment. Firstly there is the cutlery for a friend who is disabled and has minimal use of her body and can only lift her arm but unable to hold anything like cutlery in order to eat, so she originally commissioned me to make her a couple of spoons that are on rings so that it can be worn. Now after getting used to those I am making a larger spoon and a pasta fork. I have found this extremely enjoyable. Then there is the Geometric ring which i have photographed the wax, as it was carved and i will be casting it for my customer and the i will also be offering it on my website for sale in various metals. Then there are a couple of engagement rings. Also there is another pair of unusual cufflinks which are in the shape of a special robot. Photos will follow as i will also put them on my flickr site.

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