Sunday, 15 March 2009

etsymetal doggie charms 1

We at etsymetal (a worldwide group of fabulous metalsmiths!!) do this charm exchange thing among us (charm bracelets are available for purchase on the etsymetal shop) . This is the third exchange. The way it works is that we (usually 20 or so metalsmiths) each make up 22 charms and then send them to one wonderful member who sorts them and then resends them (20 charms per participating member) tback to us so we can add to our 'charm' bracelets //chains etc. i participated in the first and third. You can also check out our flickr site (etsymetal) and see all the beautiful charms that we have all made.

This is so much fun that I have already signed up for the charm exchange #4!!!

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