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The Lost Ring Of The Lizard King

Reptiles have always been associated with mythology and have been credited with magical and supernatural powers. . Lizards are also associated with the Sun. The movement of a lizard was thought to be able to return sight to a blind person and it also represented good luck and divine knowledge.  Turtles were associated with drought and viewed as the enemy of the Sun God. 

It is also believed that Dragons were the true Lizard Kings.
Belonging to the family of extremely large, long-lived winged lizards, true dragons constitute the most advanced race of lizards known, far surpassing other orders in size intelligence and life-span.
The dragon is the most feared and esteemed of beasts. The beast that all the world knows and the creature that never was. It is the impossible creature that exists in art, mythology, religion and legend. 

The three predators who most threatened our ancestors The Eagle, the Leopard and the Snake, merge in mythology to become a single creature The Dragon. Classical Greek mythology is alive with Dragons… One of the twelve tasks of Hercules was to defeat a fearsome dragon and Zeus also had an unwelcome encounter…

Typhon the Hydra

 Thor_Hydra (2)
After defeating Cronus, his father, Zeus was confronted by Typhon, Demon of the Whirlwind, a creature created from hundreds of coiled snakes, hundreds of serpents writhing from its shoulders, vast leathery wings and eyes that flashed fire; its roar shook the Earth and flames shot from its gaping mouth.
Fearful of Typhon Zeus fled, taking refuge in Egypt but accused of cowardice, Zeus return to face his formidable mountain hurling enemy. Zeus won the battle at Thrace, wounding and chasing Typhon to Sicily where he crushed him under Mount Aetna. (A thank you to Europas Ice Wolves for some of the Info and the Typhon Image)
Gaea, the ancient Greek earth goddess was impregnated by just one drop of blood that fell from Typhons’s head and gave birth to Actaeus, first King of Athens. When she gave birth to Actaeus, she had an alchemist fashion a ring that was magical and gave it's wearer the power of insight and luck, so that when her son became a man, he would overcome all negative forces..... This ring was stolen and vanished until it was recently discovered jammed between rocks in the Agean Sea by some tourists .
The rest you know....

This is the Lost Ring of the Lizard King.....





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