Sunday, 2 September 2007

3rd Sydney Dust Meeting In Clovelly!!

Well, here it is!! Finally the photos from our 3rd meeting. there were only 6 of us, but i must say we got alot done!

The apprentice(my daughter) was just a gem. She helped serve drinks and sat reasonably quietly, until she decided that it was getting a bit "yawn" boring, so off she went shopping with dad.

Meanwhile, the etsyers who attended were Amanda from peepbags & peepbebe; Tara from hedgiepig; Sue from McArt; Jenny from paperlion; Jenna from jennaappleton & myself (Ceeb from howlindoggie).

We ate alot!

The merchandise in the images is from hedgiepig.

Am awaiting communications as to when the next meeting will be. We haven't decided.


marsha said...

so exciting!!!

McArt said...

It certainly was an inspirational meeting! It made some of us go home and list more items our Etsy stores. It was great to meet everyone and be inspired by their talents! Also a big thanks to our host for having us.

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