Saturday, 22 September 2007

We Have Been Eating Out Alot Lately

Well, we have been eating out at least once a day/night these past couple of weeks. Life seems to be getting really flat out and soooo much busier than just being in the studio making things and going to and fro school.

Last week we went to the Gelato Bar at Bondi Beach

We had alot of Eastern European Dishes which included Veal Knuckle (Mr Mettle's favorite); I had a Russian Dish called 'Pilmeny" which looks like a flat Tortelini, but isn't. That was stuffed with veal and it is eaten with a mustard/sourcream/vinegar sauce and is delicious!

Lots of yummy salad and fresh Sydney Oysters were also gulped/slurped down.

1 comment:

marsha said...

uhm, your dishes sound totally exotic and yummmmmy! And Bondi Beach! I've heard so much about it, I swear I really need to go there soon....

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