Monday, 20 July 2009

The difficulty with New Work at the moment

jap daisy earrings 2
Originally uploaded by howlindoggie
These have been inspired by the daisy pendant. Of course again the Japaneseness.

It has taken me ages to get it together enough to start producing new work. Yes, odd, I know. I have now almost put together the new studio. Problem I'm facing is that i have to clean up my rolling mill as it got rained on a month ago...besides that we also recently moved house, so a lot of our stuff has been in boxes and i have finally unpacked all and have absolutely tonnes of shredding of old paperwork to do. Yuck.

But a good think is that it can be recycled. We LIKE that!

I have so much new work that i have lined up to make, but i really wanted to make sure that the studio was up & running smoothly before I really got stuck into it and make & photographed new stuff.

a pet dying really sends your life out of wack. I'm slowly feeling a bit more 'normal' these days. hopefully all the websites & shops will pick up for me now.

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