Thursday, 26 April 2007


I have decided to do some 'safe' etching on silver, if possible...
I didn't want to use nitric acid...
So far I have tried using this PnP paper, which works really well if you want to speed up the 'resist' process. It seems to work quite well (the transfer of design). Irons on WOW. I used to use a paint on pitch which used to take forever to dry and if it was too dry, you could rip your design by scratching it out too hard & fast.

So I have tried AMMONIUM PERSULFATE which didn't work with silver only with copper and I also think it was a bit toxic as far as fumes because you had to use hot water. So I didn't like that one.

Tomorrow I will try a mixture of ferrous chloride and citric acid. i am hoping that will work.

If anyone has any suggestions about solutions to etch silver with, please leave me a comment.

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marsha said...

Hi ceeb! Thanks for leaving all those wonderful comments on my blog! So nice! I SO can't help you out here but it sure will be INTERESTING to know!!! I love all things about silver ... and the whole process before they become the gorgeous pieces of jewelry sure does intrigue me!

~ marsha

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