Sunday, 22 April 2007


The way some of my work comes about is through making a piece for someone that I know, like for example THE VERONICA EARINGS. I made these specially for my friend Veronica. She was having some surgery and I thought that it would be a nice little surprize.

These enabled me to come up with with my new hoop/hook, which I'm sure it wont be long befor other jewellers will be doing the same as it always happens in my industry...

My daughter and I just got back from Veronica's (& family) house where they were entertaining friends & family. Certainly looked like a fun time was had by all.


marsha said...

I KNOW! I saw these gorgeous and cleverly set ear loops and was completely woed by them! Cool idea and VERY cool earrings ... more importantly, it was made with such cool intentions! =)

veronica said...

I felt so lucky upon receiving such a beautiful and original creation and even more touched upon finding out they were named after me! Thank you so much Ceeb - it's cool how I remember you everytime I see/wear them (along with the other beautiful creations you have adorned me with). It's so special how the bond of two little ones (our daughters) can make another bond connect. I value your friendship. xo :-) V.

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