Monday, 7 May 2007


It was a beautiful day on Sunday as I drove off to Newtown to meet some fellow etsyers. My daughter accompanied me and we wandered across King St and then Enmore Rd only to feel abit lost...

Oops! I couldn't remember where the Courthouse Hotel was.. I sent Andria (shagpile) a text and she sent me the directions.

Sascha and I came across a cute little Gallery on Australia St, which I thought had a lot of potential for some etsy sydney shows...

We arrived a little early and found the biggest table outside (but under cover so as not to get sunburnt......where's the cold weather???) And being the kid that she is, my apprentice wanted 'chips' (fries) and lemonade.. after a few minutes Andria arrived and we wondered how many etsyers would turn up.

Sascha's chips arrived and she promptly proceeded to wolf them down with a big dollop of ketchup. Shortly after that Maria (one and only) arrived. We waited for some time thinking that people might be delayed because they couldn't find the Pub.

We started talking about how we could promote the Sydney branch of D.U.S.T. and thought that perhaps we should schedule another meeting in 2 months time (sometime in July). We threw around some ideas like a show in a gallery, etc..

Or perhaps even have some workshops like at the labs. All of those things still to be discussed with all relevant persons.

It was lovely and also a little strange to meet people that you never actually see their faces, when one iis madly typing away on the computer.

Now I have to go and check out the Forum on etsy to read about why not many showed up.

Just so that you know, shagpile makes gorgeous bags & jewelry like on these photos and oneandonly makes stitched and beaded jewelry.


marsha said...

HOW EXCITING! I sure wish I was there!!! It's a strange and yet wonderful feeling when you meet with the creators of wonderful things on etsy isn't it? Finally being able to put a face to their creations!!! =)

Cara said...

I would definitely be interested in the next meeting, hopefully by then I will have my Etsy store up and running once I get over the procrastination

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