Tuesday, 29 May 2007

New Production Work

Here's some new pieces that are currently on my etsy shop. I still have to decide if I will place them on montd or not.

I am still finding that making my blog really fabulous with all the extra links to mintd, etsy and all the other on-line things quite difficult. i will have to enlist the services of a friend who is a better bblogger than I. Any takers? Can any one help me with very easy instructions how to load the links and things??

Enjoy the photos!


marsha said...

Hey! I'm more than happy to help!!! Just convo me and let me know exactly what you want to upload and I'll put in all down in point form for you ... =)

Wendy said...

Good luck on the blog. I can't offer much help (I'm just starting myself- both the blog and the etsy shop), but I can offer you encouragement. All I can say is that the more you mess with this stuff, the easier it gets.

Actually though, I can help you with the links if you haven't figured that out yet. All you do is write your blog, then highlight the word or phrase that you want to become a hyperlink. Then, on the options at the top, click the hyperlink button (it looks like a chain and a globe and says ‘Link’ if you mouse over the top of it. It’s the 5th button from the left on blogger). It'll bring up a dialog box where you can copy in the web address to the page you want the link to go to. You can do it with pictures too, just click on a picture you’ve added to your blog (to select it) and use the button the same way. Hope that helps.

BTW, your Etsy shop is great! I just marked you as a favorite.

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