Saturday, 14 July 2007


I was on the front page of etsy the other day, and thanks to my wonderful friend marsha , who took a snapshot of it because she knows how totally tech unco i am...
(check out her etsy shop:
and her blog :
I had the image on here but I think that for some reason etsy didn't approve so it dissapeared and there was a sad face instead. Oh well, nevermind. It was a really lovely frontpage put together by nyhedy, one of the metalsmiths who sells her work through etsy. I will make the next post about the etsymetal group that I belong to and will show some examples of their work if it is allowed.


marsha said...

hi there ceeb! hey i'm glad i could help and the pic disappeared? that shouldn't have happened as other bloggers have had their front page screen shots on their blogs for yonks! hmmm ... lemme go check out this mystery ... :)

HE HE said...

congulations ceeb!!

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