Sunday, 1 July 2007

Sydney D.U.S.T. Meeting

The 2nd official Sydney D.U.S.T. meeting was on today at 3pm in Glebe, a suburb of Sydney near the University of Sydney, Chinatown & the CBD (for those of you who who aren't in Sydney). we met at Badde Manors, a funky little coffee shop on Glebe Point Rd.

Those who attended were:
Ceeb (me)- howlindoggie

We all brought samples of our work, and WOW we really are a bunch of talented vegimites (an australian delicacy....hee hee)..
Turns were had by all in explaining how & why we managed to FIND etsy and have a shop on there and then we turned to a more organized part of the meeting, discussing what we actually want to do to promote etsy (and the handmade) in Sydney, as the general concensus was that etsy is more american than global.

Australians are still really quite unaware of etsy.

We threw around ideas and came to a plan, which will be discussed at the next meet, which will be on the 2nd of September 2007 at my workshop/studio.

It was very exiting to have so many people in one group who are so talented and have similar gameplans. We have etsy to thank for throwing us all together!


HE HE said...

Hi Ceeb~
Suki here! Thanks for your effort! Can I add this link to my blog?

Thank you and take care!

HE HE said...

Oh, here's my blog:

mettle design studio said...

sorry suki, but i tried to link you to my blog,but i don't know how. someone else tried to explain it and i tried to find the things i'm supposed to click on and i can't find them. perhaps you can guide me through it like you would a child, as i am terrible at this blogging thing

marsha said...

WOW!!!! That's amazing! It must've been so wonderful meeting all the other talented etsy artisans! Great pics and FAB link, Ceeb! :)

Amanda said...

Thanks for posting those pics, it was a great get together! I'll add you to my blogroll.

HE HE said...

Hi Ceeb~
To add links
(1) click "customize" on top right corner
(2) you'll be directed to the "Add and Arrange Page Elements" page
(3) on your left you see 3 or more squares with different names, double click the one with the word "link" on it
(4) you'll be directed to the "Configure Link List" page

if it takes too much time, just leave it, i will add your link in my blog

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