Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Some Lovely Sydney Spots

Last week was my daughter's birthday (the one wearing the cap), so one of the things we did was to take her & a friend to Luna Park for the WHOLE day.... I was exhausted just hanging around waiting for them to go on all the rides as I don't enjoy being spun around & thrown around, upside down & inside out.....Arrrrgh..... It would make me ill...

So the girls went and enjoyed hours of this torture (for me it was torture, they thought it was wonderful...)

After I checked out the photos I remembered what a beautiful city we live in!

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was right in the background.

It was slighty cooler as it is winter (about 10C). This winter has been alot cooler that previous winters. The snow in the mountains (yes we have mountains too) seems to have lasted longer and it has snowed alot more there than what I remember.


marsha said...

I do hope to be able to visit Sydney one day ... it's so beautiful! And what great pics you took, Ceeb! Maybe one day we can meet up for that chilled out cuppa and drool over shoes and bags, huh??? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello - just found your blog through a link from estasketch so just wanted to say hi. Lovely work too x

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