Thursday, 21 January 2010

Japan - Day 1

We are finally Here!!
After a tedious flight on a tight squeeze and not eating much of the awful airline food (even though our airline is supposedly a great one) I was finger printed and photographed at the airport. Customs was a breeze compared to aussie customs, we were out with our bags in a matter of minutes!

Here was the difficult part: Our knowlegde of Japanese is limited!!
So we winged it with the help of non-english speaking Japanese (LOL)and purchase our Train tickets for the "Morning Liner" (an express train) from Narita Airport in to Tokyo, which is approx a 65km trip across the countryside.

We then got to our Station (Ueno)where we had to change to the subway. The only problem was that there are no Ticket Booths with people, just machines and they are in Kanji (japanese characters)but Lucky me!! "The apprentice" (my beautiful daughter) spotted the ENGLISH button, so then she figure out how much it would cost for us to get to our destination and which, out of the 50 buttons to press, was only Y160.

The hardest thing here is to try to figure out the addresses as the buildings do not run consecutively...
And just when you think you're getting a bit lost (in translation) someone pops up and really helps you..
Cute Traditional Houses

Sascha in the street where Our 'Ryokan' is. It's the green/blue glass building in the background.

This building won an architectural award. It's where we are staying. Andon Ryokan. I would definitely recommend this Guesthouse. Friendly atmosphere, quiet and has a modern/traditional feel. We are staying here for at least 6 nights. As we want to try a capsule hotel, we will UNFORTUNATELY have to leave this beautiful guesthouse in about a week. So we will definitely have to return here on our next visit to Tokyo.

( We wandered around the local area (Taito-ku) and found this litttle tiny restaurant that only serves Unagi
it was delicious!!


Chrissie said...

day 1 looks amazing! look forward to travelling with your travels!
hey - it doesn't look very cold.. is it??

mettle design studio said...

yes, cold but sunny!

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