Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Organizing our Trip To Japan.

Well, the time has flown by and it is only a week until we set off for Japan! The 'apprentice'(my beautiful daughter) is so excited to go, as we all adore japanese things/design, etc. She's getting ready for a snow boarding experience in Sapporo, if we can organize it.

And lucky us! Looks like it's going to be a cooooollllllld winter... just what we wanted! plenty of snow (haven't seen REAL snow in a few years, living in the land of OZ).
We are glad to be getting away from the scorching heat of Australian summer..

Bag is almost all packed as we are entering an opposite season... just have to put the make-up bag in and we're all set.

A few studio things to do; then put my etsy shop to sleep for couple of weeks... i will make an announcement that i am away but some things can still be ordered.

Back to work to finish off a couple of things. I will post on my blog almost nightly when we are in Japan - a bit of a travelogue....

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