Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Tokyo - Day 3 ...Shibuya

Today we decided to 'finish off' the shopping thing, so we wanted to go and have an experience... we went to Shibuya, the area that most of the younger generations go to shop. It is quite close to Harajuku.We had a blast! and walked until we were exhausted. We decided that the Japanese are the biggest shoppers on the planet.

Happiness is a happy shopping experience! And most things are quite reasonably priced! The problem is that there is sooooo much variety, you need a ton of money..and several suitcases.

This crossing has 100's of people crossing every time the little green man says "go". A sight to be seen! A sea of raven haired people merge from all four directions and pass each other without incident.

Number 109
This whole building has about 300 or more small boutiques, each featuring a different 'style'. The whole 10 floors were packed with mostly young japanese girls in various styles of fashionable attire, so 'the apprentice' and I stood out, as we were NOT wearing large false eyelashes and perfectly 'coiffed' hair. And we looked exhausted, while they all looked like they had just stepped off a catwalk....
What fun! I'm so glad we experienced this mega shopping experience.. I think I'm still stunned...

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